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International Transactions

  • Our professionals in the field of international transactions work togather with local professionals in diverse areas of law and provide prompt and precise legal counsel to our clients. Also, our professionals provide step-by-step measures to domestic firms that plan to extend their business abroad as well as foreign/multinational firms that plan to establish business operations in Korea. Most of all, SHIN & YOO always strives to cultivate specialists with expertise in foreign jurisdictions and therfore, we have been involved in a number of successful high-profile transactions abroad.

Focus Areas

  • Overseas Investment
  • Based on close cooperation with local specialists, SHIN & YOO counsels our clients on overseas inverstments in a diverse range of areas, such as reviews of local reguations, due diligences, contract negotiations, tax credits, financing, etc. Expecially, SHIN & YOO has extensive dealings in Southeast Asia, Europe, and the U.S., and has been involved in cross-bordered transactions in outher countries.
  • Foreign Direct Investment
  • SHIN & YOO has continued to expand successfully by counseling foreign and multinational firms. Especially, SHIN & YOO has specialized in counseling on joint ventures, strategic alliances, licensing, and patent/trademark disputes.
  • Customs and International Trade
  • SHIN & YOO has outstanding expertise in matters regarding customs duty impositions and reated criminal cases. Also, SHIN & YOO not only advises our clients on issues which can arise out of import/export transactions and disputes among sovereign governments and private parties but is also involved in any mediation/arbitration procedures that may arise so as to fully protect our clients.