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Intellectual Property•IT

  • SHIN & YOO has many outstanding strategies and the know-how needed to navigate the field of intellectual property as an arising issue worldwide. Especially, SHIN & YOO has extensive capabilities and experiences dealing with intellectual property infringements, unfair competitions, trade secret leakages, protection of computer programs, domain name disputes, and OSP liabilities.
  • In addition, SHIN & YOO counsels our clients on arising issues concerning cross-border transfers of patents and trademarks, licensing, and negotiations with overseas/multi-national companies. Moreover, our close relation with overseas attorneys enables us to resolve international disputes with foreign companies on any of the above-mentioned issues adequately.
  • Additionally, SHIN & YOO has provided numerous IT corporations with legal advisories based on comprehensive understanding of general IT industries, and proposed outstanding solutions with accumulated proficiencies regarding legal conflicts IT firms have been frequently suffering.