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Firm Introduction

  • SHIN & YOO was established with our unswerving philosophy: provide our clients with the most-customized legal services and strategies. Our philosophy, which we still pursue today, allows us to provide the highest-quality legal service to our clients, both in Korea and increasingly overseas.
  • We are comprised of professionals in the field of Intellectual Property, IT, Press, Management rights dispute, Antitrust & Competition, M&A, White Collar Crime, International Transaction, Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Industry. The outstanding quality of our professionals enables us to provide our clients with the most-customized strategies and various innovative solutions to increasingly complicated challenges that our clients confront. Moreover, under a fast-paced economic environment and complex restrictions imposed by governmental authorities, we strive to provide our clients with client-oriented legal services and also assist our clients to enjoy the freedom of enterprise activity and cultivate overseas markets in close cooperation with leading law firms worldwide.
  • Based on thorough comprehension of our clients’ needs and businesses, we will adhere to our founding philosophy and be a credible business partner with legal services tailored to your preferences by our professionals.